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Successful investing is about following strategic objectives and not letting emotions or market movements drive behavior.


- Tom A. Gonnella President Strategies Capital Management



True diversification is not just about the stock market, but multiple markets and asset classes across the globe.


- David Halseth Chief Investment Officer Strategies Capital Management



Wealth management, retirement plan, life circumstances...


What’s Your Strategy?


Talk to a fiduciary advisor at Strategies Capital Management: 303.926.9600

Individuals and Families

Are you looking for help with major financial/life events? A fiduciary advisor can help you with planning for retirement, adjusting to divorce, selling your business, saving for college expenses or protecting family wealth for future generations.

Retirement Plan Review

Looking for a better solution for your institutional retirement plan, foundation assets, endowment trust, or corporate treasury? Do you need the quality expertise of an advocate on your side?

Retirement Plan Adviser

Are you an intermediary or financial advisor looking for a proven investment solution, back office services or fiduciary advisor support?

Who is Strategies Capital Management?

Strategies CM Logo 100 TransStrategies Capital Management is a registered investment financial advisor and fiduciary advisor that has provided an array of wealth and asset management services since establishment in 1993. Independent and fee only since inception, Strategies Capital Management advises institutional clients, families and individuals, as well as provides back office solutions and investments to advisors.

Whether you’re an individual, family, endowment/foundation, business, or other institutional investor, your Strategy is to find, formulate, and develop a process that – if followed faithfully – will increase the likelihood of your long-term success. Discretionary asset management, retirement plan consulting, risk management and cost analysis are all parts of the Strategy.

Who’s helping you with YOUR Strategy?

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