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Strategies Capital Management (SCM) provides retirement plan, investment consulting, and asset management services for individuals, institutions and financial intermediaries. From day one in 1993, we have operated as a fiduciary advisor and fee-for-service firm. That complete independence allows us to operate in your best interest, avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent to taking revenue from other sources such as investment or insurance providers.

At SCM, we have seasoned, specialized expertise in the institutional aspects of plan and investment consulting and an established track record of skilled asset management.  That rare combination of knowledge and experience is applied to guiding clientele in all economic, market, and regulatory environments.


Investment Philosophy

SCM’s philosophy is rooted in financial academia, including modern portfolio theory, and based on such fundamental principles as the efficient market hypothesis and asset & factor allocation as the key determinants of portfolio risk and return. In accordance with these principles, we construct portfolios to support the following:

  • Enhanced diversification from a dynamic core & satellite allocation
  • Low cost, non-proprietary, manager of managers
  • High absolute and risk-adjusted returns
  • Broad asset class & factor and limited manager exposure

Our approach and process is built using true institutional money management, with a commitment to low costs and a best of breed approach. Founded on the strength of decades of direct experience with the capital markets, our portfolios are designed to perform in all environments.

We are an institutional firm that manages assets based on a proven philosophy and sound processes. A money manager whose philosophy is suited for serious investors who are looking for stewards of their capital.

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Address: 1525 Raleigh Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80204
Email: Info@StrategiesCM.com


Customized Solutions and Comprehensive Service


  • Wealth management
  • Integrated tax and legal strategies
  • Estate and financial planning


  • Asset management
  • Retirement and pension plan consulting
  • Employee education and advice

Financial Advisors

  • Separate accounts and managed portfolios
  • ERISA expertise
  • Collective Trust Funds

Experienced, Fiduciary Advisor with the Highest Standard of Care

Experienced: 1993 Inception

Independent: No affiliation with any financial service firm or conflicts of interest

Fee for Service: We are solely compensated by clientele

Fiduciary Advisor: Highest standard of care

Independent, Fee-Only Investment Fiduciary Advisor

When you open an account with Strategies, we will act as your fiduciary advisor, providing you with the highest standard of care. As a fee for service company, we are compensated only by you. Additionally, we are independent and are not biased to any fund companies or other investment firms. This means we will never push product or have a hidden agenda. Instead, we always have your financial goals in mind.

Our Service Strategy

At Strategies, we take a vested interest in each of our client’s investment portfolios. Again, YOU are our focus.  Our relationship managers will take a hands on approach in order to understand your needs and walk you through every step of the process. We intentionally limit the number of clients that we take on to ensure that we can provide you with the level of service that we expect and that you deserve.

What Do We Do?

Simply put, we provide investment and plan consulting for individuals, institutions and financial advisors.


For our individual investors, we spend the time needed to fully understand your financial goals. Whether you are looking for wealth management, integrated tax / legal strategies, estate planning or philanthropy, we will create a strategy to plan and protect your future.

For more information about our services for individuals and families, click here.


For our institutional clients, we provide retirement plan services that include plan and investment consulting and asset management for traditional plan sponsors, foundations, endowments and other institutional entities. We will act as a fiduciary advisor on the plan, meaning that we will provide guidance and direction with you and your participant’s best interests in mind, not the interests of outside consultants or fund companies.

Additionally, we will provide both education AND advice for your plan participants. While other financial advisors may make general suggestions on how to invest, our team takes it one step further and will provide actual financial advice to your participants so that they can reach their financial goals.

For more information about our services for institutions, click here.


Financial Advisors

For our financial advisors, we take the leg work out of providing retirement plans. We will provide you with proven investment solutions to offer your clients. Also, our experienced staff will assist you with the back office services required to offer the highest quality service for your client base.

For more information about our services for financial advisors, click here.


Our Institutional Approach to Asset Management

Enhanced diversification

When it comes to investing, diversification is key. Most financial advisors diversify their offerings by providing a mix of international equities, domestic equities and domestic bonds. At Strategies, we believe that is not enough. We typically provide a mix of Cash, US Fixed Income, Market Neutral, International Fixed Income, US Equities, International Equities Foreign Real Estate, US Real Estate and Commodities. Now that’s true diversification.

Additionally, our fund advisors will work with you to create dynamic set of core fund that track major market indices while still providing actively managed funds (known as satellite allocations), further diversifying your portfolio while minimizing costs.


Fund Selection Process

When choosing funds to be included in our lineups, our team of financial advisors follow the 5 Ps of investing: 1) People, 2) Philosophy, 3) Process, 4) Price and 5) Performance, stack ranked in order of most importance to least importance. For example, we have found that while performance and price are important elements to consider when choosing a fund, if the people and the philosophy of the fund is not in alignment with our strategy, the performance is not typically consistent.


Non-Proprietary Manager of Managers

Strategies Capital Management is in no way associated with any fund company or other financial institution. This means we are not beholden to any firm to include any fund or strategy in our fund lineups. Additionally, we can act as a manager of managers by creating our own Target Date Funds that cross fund companies and provide you with the best of the best to achieve the goals according to your goals.

Our Leadership

Strategies Capital Management is an institutional investment firm serving a variety of clients as a fiduciary advisor. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we are an independent and fee-only registered investment advisory firm that supports families, institutions and advisors.

David Halseth16-10-david-halseth

Chief Investment Officer, Strategies Capital Management

David is a founding member and CIO of Strategies Capital Management. In the industry since 1989, his knowledge and experience serves as the platform for Strategies’ investment management and consulting services. He is responsible for the overall investment philosophy and processes of the firm, is the chair of the Investment Committee and lead portfolio manager for their collective investment funds.

Prior to founding Strategies, David was an Investment Officer for Bank of America Institutional Trust Services in San Francisco. While there, he was responsible for the management of two equity mutual funds and a common trust balanced fund. Throughout his career, he has been featured in such national and regional publications as Personal Financial Planning, Money Management Letter, The Denver Post, Registered Investment Advisor, Plan Sponsor, CNBC, Fund Fire, The Denver Business Journal and Pensions & Investments, among others.

David is a staunch proponent an fiduciary advisors responsibility within the investment industry. Over his career he has developed and refined SCM’s asset management perspectives in regards to capital allocations, market factors and efficiency, dynamic core/satellite methodologies, cost minimization, manager due diligence and on. From a development standpoint, he has created such client deliverables as the portfolio total cost analysis, periodic assessment, performance measurement reporting, and weekly-monthly-quarterly economic/market reviews.

David graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a B.S. in Finance. David is a member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society of Colorado. David was also the founding member of the ALS Society of Colorado and has served as a board member for Boulder Country Day school.

As a native of Colorado, David is an avid outdoors person with some of his favorite activities being mountain biking, paddle boarding, golfing and skiing. David also enjoys traveling with his family and friends, creating coffee concoctions in the office and attempting to walk/pull his bulldog around lower downtown Denver.


Tom A. Gonnellatom-gonnella-corporate-photo-medium

President, Strategies Capital Management

Tom has been part of Strategies in various capacities, including as a shareholder and board member, over the past several years and has focused on the retirement industry since 2000. Prior to taking on the president role at Strategies, Tom was a shareholder and EVP of a national administration and record keeping firm headquartered in Denver.

Tom is passionate about improving the retirement industry in the United States for the employee and as a result he has been a strong voice within the industry. He has been a featured guest on Fox Business News, Advisor Television, along with published articles in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, Forbes, and many industry publications. Tom holds an MBA and a Master of Science degree in Finance from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Miami University (OH) with a minor in Statistics (Decision Sciences).

Tom is active in his church serving as the chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee as well as founding its Children’s Mission Project which creates volunteer opportunities for youth to give back to the Denver community. He also coaches boys’ basketball for the YMCA, and has been honored with the 2013 Volunteer of the Year award for the city of Denver. Tom also serves on The Kent Denver School Investment Committee helping guide policy on their school endowment.

In his free time, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife Jane and their two boys.  He is an avid cyclist, plays tennis and golf, and enjoys traveling.


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