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Are you an intermediary or retirement plan advisor looking for a proven investment solution, back office services or fiduciary protection? Let Strategies Capital Management work for you.

You manage your client relationships, let us manage the investments. Our team of investment fiduciary advisors have the investment and ERISA expertise to protect your clients while giving participants the best opportunity to maximize their retirement outcomes.

Whether it’s a qualified retirement plan, private wealth or other clientele, we have a Strategy for you.

Retirement Plan Fiduciary Services


Fiduciary Support

If you’re servicing a business retirement plan, helping the plan sponsor manage their obligations…to the plan, participants, and regulatory authorities… is an important responsibility.

Strategies Capital Management can provide a turn-key 3(38) fiduciary advisor solution that includes an investment policy statement, multiple fund lineup options, and Qualified Default Investment Alternative options that include Collective Trust Funds – target date and target risk. Employers and their participants will receive periodic reporting, newsletters and educational webinars.

Choosing a 3(38) investment fiduciary advisor is the most important decision an employer will make for their retirement plan and its participants.  You’ll need to help them find one with the experience, the expertise, and the discipline to execute the best Strategy.


Collective Trust Funds


People Holding Money SignMore than ever before, employers are looking for the best way to help plan participants achieve their desired retirement savings goals.   It has also become very clear that most participants are ill-equipped to reach better outcomes when making investment decisions on their own.  We’ve crafted a Strategy in response to that shortfall, comprised of a series of Collective Trust Funds (CTFs) that make it easier than ever for participants to have true diversification.  These funds are specifically designed to satisfy Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA) requirements, making them suitable for all participants, regardless of age or risk tolerance.

This simple, easily understood approach includes a series of Target Date funds that can be chosen by anticipated retirement age and a series of Target Risk funds that can be chosen based on an online risk tolerance review.  Either series – or both – can be implemented to replace a plan’s lineup based on the ideal fit for its participants.

Do you want an institutional Strategy, with a lower cost structure that uses ‘best-of-breed’ investments, rather than a retail oriented mutual fund?


Separately Managed Accounts


Are you a retirement plan advisor that want to focus on their clients and leave the investment research and due diligence to us? We have a Strategy for you.

Our separately managed accounts have a 20+ year track record of quality performance while staying true to their intended investment objectives. As an advisor, you can take comfort in putting your clients’ money into our solutions as they have withstood the test of time and various markets.


Advisory Back Office Services


For retirement plan advisors that want to focus on their clients and leave the non-client facing activities to a service provider, we have a Strategy for you.

Outsource as little or as much as you prefer because our service offering is customized to meet the needs of each advisory firm with which we work. Strategies Capital Management provides its advisor clients the following services:

  • Portfolio and Asset Management
  • Reporting and Performance Analysis
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support
  • Accounting, including Invoicing and Collections
  • Human Resources Support
  • Other Services Customized to Meet Your Needs


Retirement Plan Advisor | Strategies Capital Management

Since 1993, Strategies Capital Management has been working with retirement plan advisors to enhance their offerings and provide superior service to their client base. We begin each financial advisor relationship by performing retirement plan reviews on the advisor’s entire portfolio to ensure that their plans are set up for success. Our goal is to make sure you shine!

Collective Trust Funds

Why Strategic Target Trusts are Different

The first generation of products brought to market were created predominantly by large fund companies.  Most were built using a simple asset allocation model of stocks and bonds.  The problem is that the investment companies also have a vested interest in adding assets to their own other mutual fund products, creating an inherent conflict of interest when managing their “fund of funds” portfolios. Today’s major players have characteristics reminiscent to funds in the early 1990s, including:

  • Proprietary fund usage
  • No true diversification
  • High management costs
  • Lack of transparency

The second generation of products improves on these deficiencies by using a true institutional management Strategy, a commitment to low costs and a “best of breed” investment selection. This includes true diversification, using as many as twelve distinct asset classes (the typical retail target date fund has 3 – 4), low correlation between products and asset classes, low cost, and a design intended for long-term results.

Strategic Target Date Portfolios

The Strategic Target Date glide path allocations are structured to have an increased principal protection component while still allowing for capital appreciation as the portfolios progress toward their target date.

Glide Path Attributes

Once the target date has been reached, the portfolios continue to become more conservative for a 15 year period. Below are some key attributes of the Strategic Target Date series.

Prior to Target Date
  • Total equity decreases at an absolute 5% every five years (maintaining a 70/30 split between domestic and international)
  • Total fixed income increases at an absolute 5% every five years (also maintaining a 70/30 split between domestic and international)
  • Alternatives are held constant at 15% of the portfolios until five years out from retirement. As which point this category is reduced to 10% and ultimately just 5% of the CTF.
  • Strategic cash is held constant at 5% of the portfolios until five years out from retirement. As which point this category is increased to 10% and ultimately 15% of the CTF. One should note this asset class today is primarily ultra-short-term bonds given the low returns on money market instruments.
Once Target Date is Reached
  • Domestic fixed income increases at an absolute 5% every five years
  • Domestic fixed income satellite positions increase from 20% to 25% of this asset class to reduce duration and increase the interest income of the CTF.
  • Foreign fixed income becomes capped at 15% of the overall portfolio as the volatility in this asset class is slightly greater than that of the domestic market. In addition this asset class is un-hedged until 10 years from retirement, at that point, it is hedged to further reduce the volatility.

Strategic Target Risk Portfolios

The Strategic Target Risk vehicles are similar in portfolio design with the exception of a constantly evolving glide path.   Instead of choosing a fund based on their age, a participant would choose a fund based on their risk tolerance.

Costs Matter

Over long time periods, high management fees and related expenses can be a significant drag on wealth creation. In this example, the difference between one and three percent in costs would cost this investor over $2 million in returns over a thirty year period.

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