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Dear Reader:

Attached please find our most recent Economic and Market Review for the first quarter. As you may know, this piece has over 80 data points that can help discern recent events in the economy and various markets. Spanning from the latest GDP and inflation figures to equity, fixed-income and alternative asset classes, this update can be used as a reference point when reviewing capital market investments. In addition, our concise commentary provides relevant information without lingering for so long that you may not have the time to read it.

We have been producing this piece for over 26 years now and believe it has withstood the test of time, as has our firm in an age where companies seem to come and go at an increasing pace. And to that end, we are excited to announce the latest improvement in our portfolio management and trading software. As we implement this system over the coming months, we look forward to increased operational efficiencies on our end while, just as importantly, providing clients with a significantly enhanced reporting experience that can be viewed from nearly any device in real time.

The capital markets continue to evolve while throwing investors the inevitable curve balls. This is but one reason why it’s critical as investment advisors that we stay ahead of the curve and guide clients down the correct path. This is what we are all about.

As always, thank you for your continued association with Strategies Capital Management.

David Halseth

Founding Partner and CIO

Can one person truly make a difference in a major city traffic jam?

Many large cities around the country, including our own here in Denver, confront significant traffic issues. Several studies over the years have identified ways to mitigate growing traffic backups, usually by adding lanes, increasing public transit routes, and so on.
However, one study out of Seattle recently concluded that an individual driver has more control than they know,..

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