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Bond Rally Takes a Time Out

A steady increase in bond yields is changing the environment for fixed‐income investing. This has put a brake on the inflows to
domestic bond funds as a total of $3 billion has been withdrawn from products that concentrate of Treasuries over the first half of November. The yield on the 10‐year treasury came in at 1.8% Friday, this is up from 1.5% in early September.  Continue Reading…

Risk On

It was a week when risk was back in vogue. Domestic equities posted new records as cyclical sectors such as financial and energy companies posted excellent results while REITs and utilities experienced their worst week since late in 2018…Continue Reading

All About Trade

It remains all about trade. Stocks rallied at the end of the week thanks to reports that the U.S. and China made substantial progress with ongoing trade negotiations. At this point, various statement are pointing to a finalization of the “phase one deal.”  Just exactly what that means is subject to interpretation and one can bet that depending on which side of the isle an elected official is on, you will get a different story. Continue Reading…

Corporate Earnings Season

Corporate earnings season kicks into high gear and prognostications are it will be weakest so far in 2019. One of the culprits (at least according to many companies that have already provided releases) seems to be a strong greenback. Yes, the strengthening dollar is eating into large company profits as this raises the cost of converting foreign revenue back into our local currency.  Continue Reading…

The Losing Streak Ends

The three‐week losing streak for equities is over. Thanks to progress on the U.S. ‐ China trade front, domestic stocks increased by 66 bps last week as small company shares outperformed their larger brethren. We are now about 2% away from matching the current high point…Continue Reading

Record Low Unemployment

It’s official, the unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since late 1969, when it came in at 3.5%. And this transcends nearly every sector of the labor force. For example, workers with less than a high school diploma is at 4.8%, the lowest level since the Labor Department started counting that figure  Continue Reading…

Oil Spikes

One would not recognize it from the weekly change in commodity prices, but we all know the price of oil quite literally spiked last week due to the attacks on Saudi Arabia. With Saudi output cut in half over that weekend, global prices rose 15% the following day and by the end of the week had settled at a gain of 6.7%.Continue Reading…

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