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More Signs of a Slowing Economy

Signs of economic slowing continue to be produced. Most recently, payroll growth in the latest employment report may be the largest cause for concern along with general softness in other economic data. This has translated into cautious expectations for Wednesday’s FOMC meeting and press conference.  Continue Reading…

Weaker Economic Data

The economy keeps looking softer. At least that is what the prognosticators were saying last week as the January industrial
production figures were pretty darn weak. Bottom line, output at our nation’s mines, utilities and factories fell 0.6% and was much worse than the consensus estimates which hovered around a gain of 0.1%.  Continue Reading…

Shutdown Over for Now

The shutdown is over ‐ at least for a few weeks. And while many federal employees will now get a paycheck, for our selfish interests, the Bureau of Economic Analysis is back open an that means GDP data will be released this week, providing us with an advanced look at how the 4th quarter of 2018 turned out. Continue Reading…

The Shutdown Continues

It’s getting to be increasingly difficult to cull economic data in the light of a partial federal government shutdown. Here is what we do know: producer prices were down in December, following a negative report on consumer prices the week prior.Continue Reading…

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