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Inflation Remains In Check

Last week seemed to be a confirmation that inflation remains subdued. On a year‐over‐year basis, the CPI stands at 1.9% while the PPI is 2.2%. Giving further credence to dovish monetary policy on the part of the FOMC, this is the primary catalyst behind continued strong “return enhancing” asset classes.  Continue Reading…

Increase in Payrolls

The headlines and consensus thought among seers keeps telling us the economy is heading for a recession. The February
employment report added fuel to this line of thinking. Well, along comes the March numbers and many are singing a different tune. Nonfarm payrolls increased a solid 196,000 in March while the unemployment rate held steady at 3.8% ‐ slightly above its 49‐year low.  Continue Reading…

March Madness

Other than fans of UCF, there really is little reason to be so upset. Yes, the PMI slowed somewhat, both domestically and in Europe, but was there really any concrete data to impact the equity market in such fashion last week? Moreover, a hawkish Fed seems tobe a thing of the past as the FOMC announced a definitive end to 2019 rate increases and quantitative tightening while the 10‐year Treasury yield fell a significant 15 basis points.  Continue Reading…

More Signs of a Slowing Economy

Signs of economic slowing continue to be produced. Most recently, payroll growth in the latest employment report may be the largest cause for concern along with general softness in other economic data. This has translated into cautious expectations for Wednesday’s FOMC meeting and press conference.  Continue Reading…

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