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Let’s take a pause

Let’s take a pause. This seems to be the thinking at the FOMC last week as they held rates steady while signaling there are no increases on the horizon. This was the first meeting in the past four that the Fed has failed to decrease interest rates in the name of a slowing economy…Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Better communication on Trade ‐ at least that is what China says it wants. Late last week President Xi Jinping stated the U.S. and China needed to strengthen communications between the two adversaries. This seemingly pleasant gesture was not enough to keep stocks from falling for the week as the Wilshire 5000 was down 24 bps.  Continue Reading…

Bond Rally Takes a Time Out

A steady increase in bond yields is changing the environment for fixed‐income investing. This has put a brake on the inflows to
domestic bond funds as a total of $3 billion has been withdrawn from products that concentrate of Treasuries over the first half of November. The yield on the 10‐year treasury came in at 1.8% Friday, this is up from 1.5% in early September.  Continue Reading…

Risk On

It was a week when risk was back in vogue. Domestic equities posted new records as cyclical sectors such as financial and energy companies posted excellent results while REITs and utilities experienced their worst week since late in 2018…Continue Reading

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